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Mission 56 - Satellite Photos & Other Imagery
Operation Whalers

Satellite photos:

Real World map:

The Korengal Valley is located in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, 120 miles east of Kabul. This mountainous region is surrounded by remote farms and villages that run along the Pakistani border. The isolated setting is an infamous stronghold for Taliban fighters.

The regionís higher ground is composed of deeply wooded mountains, which make for common hideouts among Taliban and al Qaeda rebels. The area provides the terrorists easy access in and out of Pakistan, and the province is rife with shadowy, rough terrain US forces find difficult to navigate. Many authorities believe it is in this region, or the surrounding borderland, where Osama bin Laden is in hiding

Most recently, fighters from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Chechnya have been reportedly crossing the border to aid al Qaeda in its jihad against US and US-led forces in Afghanistan. The regionís increasing insurgency and violent attacks by Taliban and foreign fighters has skyrocketed in the past two months, during which time nearly 100 people, including more than 25 US soldiers, have been killed by rebels vowing to disrupt Afghanís legislative elections, which will be held next month.


Operation Whalers

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