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What is Kuma\War?

Kuma War is a series of playable recreations of real events in the War on Terror. Nearly 100 playable missions bring our soldiers' heroic stories to life, and you can get them all right now, for free. Stop watching the news and get in the game!

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Episode 4 - Samarra Bank Heist Part 1

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After a disastrous month in which 100 coalition soldiers and civilians gave their lives in Iraq, soldiers of the 4th "Iron Horse" Infantry Division crush a sophisticated daytime attack in the middle of this ´Sunni Triangle´ city, killing 46 insurgents. Their goal: steal the millions in new Iraqi currency being carried to banks by American soldiers as part of a major currency exchange..

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Quotes from Players in the Trenches

"This game actually makes me flash back and think about the war and the aftermath....But that's not necessarily bad. Being that I will be going back to Iraq for a 3RD tour, I'll say that it's much better fighting from my PC behind a desk then actually slinging lead at each other."

SGT from HHC 1/64 Armor,
3rd Infantry Division(M)

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Combining headline news with expert insight and advanced gaming tools to place you in today's battlefields.

Kuma\War is a free online war game that uses cutting-edge game technology to accurately reconstruct real-war events from the news. Kuma\War is a first and third-person squad-based war game. It is the first PC video game to bring the tactical FPS (shooter) into the 21st century by modeling missions on actual real-world events. Each month players get new single player and multiplayer games (missions), to reflect unfolding events around the world. Armed with identical weapons in a realistic re-creation of various locations, you'll experience some of fiercest engagements in the most hostile territories in the world. A vast database of intelligence accompanies Kuma\War online games: satellite photos, political context, event details and the weaponry, tactics and forces involved. You'll also get exclusive video news shows and insight from a decorated team of military veterans.

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