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Mission 58 - Overview
Assault on Iran

Two years ago, Iranís 18-year secret affair with nuclear technology was exposed to the world. As details continue to emerge of black market nuclear equipment shipments from other rogue states, information technology transfers, and massive secret underground facilities, International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors are scrambling to keep up with Iranís rapid progress. And the world waits anxiously.

Iran makes no secret of its nuclear ambitions, but claims their goal is peaceful civilian nuclear poweróan endeavor that may seem superfluous in an oil-rich state, but well within their rights as a sovereign nation to pursue. Just this week, the head of Iran's nuclear energy program announced its plan to enrich nearly 40 tons of raw uraniumóa necessary step in developing nuclear power for the country. But many on the world stage call this a transparent sham: The state of Iraqís reactors shouldnít require uranium conversion for another decade.

If the goal is, as they suggest, becoming Islamís second nuclear state (after Pakistan), thereís no time like the present. With the U.S.ís gulf forces firmly entrenched elsewhere--137,000 troops in Iraq; another 10,000 in Afghanistan--Iran may consider this the perfect time to initiate its longstanding plan to launch a nuclear weapons program.

Given the alarmingly advanced state of Iranís nuclear program, the US military might well consider an all-out assault against Iranís nuclear installations. But preemptive strikes carry grave repercussions: Iranís retaliation options include a devastating disruption of oil shipments from the Persian Gulf, attacks on US Naval installations throughout the Middle East, and, perhaps most frightening of all, summon their terrorist allies in widespread factions like Hezbollah to initiate vicious terrorist attacks against Americans on every continent.

The stakes are highÖstill, Iranís nuclear means and shadowy intentions cannot be ignored. The War on Terror is not about retribution for the attacks of 9/11 or taking out dictators who brutalize the innocent. Itís about keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of the rogue states and non-state organizations most likely to use them...and the risk here couldnít be clearer.

While the European states doggedly pursue a diplomatic solution, President Bush has declared ďall options are on the table.Ē With the possibility of military action looming, Kuma\War has compiled what our experts believe to be an extremely plausible scenario for delaying or destroying Iranís nuclear arms capabilities without kick-starting World War III.

As a Special Forces soldier in this playable mission, you will infiltrate Iranís nuclear facility at Natanz, located 150 miles south of Iranís capital of Teheran. But breaching the security cordon around the hardened target wonít be easy. Your teamís mission: Infiltrate the base, secure evidence of illegal uranium enrichment, rescue your man on the inside, and destroy the centrifuges that promise to take Iran into the nuclear age. Never before has so much hung in the balance... millions of lives, and the very future of democracy could be at stake.

Release date: September 30, 2005

Assault on Iran

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