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Mission 25 - Description
Najaf: Mahdi Cemetery Battle

Najaf, Iraq. August 5, 2004: The Mahdi Army launches a three-week long offensive ensnaring US troops in battle in a massive cemetery and using one of the world’s holiest Muslim shrines for cover.

After Mahdi Army fighters attack the Najaf police station, US reinforcements are called in to assist Iraqi police and Iraqi National Guard forces. The rebels flee the scene, leading US forces to follow them into one of the world’s most revered Muslim cemeteries. Worlds apart from any battlefield our men have ever encountered, the US endures a hellish trip over sacred grounds.

Death surrounds the US forces: five acres and millions of graves containing Iraq’s most blessed souls. The soldiers stand high above the underground tombs and far below the storied mausoleums, immersed in a sea of headstones that cloak the well-armed enemies. For three weeks, US and coalition troops will chase hundreds of hardcore killers in an inherently sinister landscape.

Can you unearth the guerrilla army lying in wait throughout the vast cemetery? Do you have what it takes to lead your unit through twisted paths and jumbled headstones in a nightmarish battle to crush the insurgency? It is the Mahdi Army’s most monumental stand thus far. They are prepared to die fighting the enemy. The real question is, are you?


Najaf: Mahdi Cemetery Battle