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Kuma\War missions allow subscribers to experience first-hand some of the toughest fighting in the global war on terror because each mission is based on real-world events. Missions are developed and delivered to your computer with unprecedented speed so you can experience these critical current events soon after they happen.

Featured Mission:

Mission 108 - Fall of Sirte: Gaddafi’s Last Stand

Relive Muammar Gaddafi's final take-down and the Libyan rebels' triumph with this brand new multiplayer mission! Above the streets of Sirte, a Predator drone and jets help force Gaddafi to flee the burning city and into the hands of the Libyan rebels. When the smoke clears, the former leader lays dead. or
[Mission Details]


Mission List (All Missions):

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Mission 1, Part 1 - Uday and Qusay's Last Stand

Uday and Qusay Hussein are holed up in an urban dwelling in the center of Mosul, Iraq. The immediate area lurks with snipers, and entry must be gained with little disturbance to the neighboring homes. With the enemy partially protected against gunfire, it takes a combination of coalition ground troops and air assaults to take down the enemy. [Mission Details]

Mission 1, Part 2 - Uday and Qusay's Last Stand

Uday and Qusay Hussein are holed up in an urban dwelling in the center of Mosul, Iraq. With the enemy partially protected against gunfire, it takes a combination of coalition ground troops and air assaults to take down the enemy. Take them out. [Mission Details]

Mission 3 - Operation Anaconda

More than two hundred Al Qaeda are massed in the Shah-i-Kot valley in eastern Afghanistan. Their snipers and mortar teams can fire at your team with deadly accuracy. Helicoptered into the thick of combat, you must gradually pick off the enemy, clear the village where they are based, and secure their weapons cache, so they can no longer pose a threat to US forces. [Mission Details]

Mission 4 - Samarra Bank Heist, Part 1

After a disastrous month in which 100 coalition soldiers and civilians gave their lives in Iraq, soldiers of the 4th "Iron Horse" Infantry Division crush a sophisticated daytime attack in the middle of this ‘Sunni Triangle’ city, killing 46 insurgents. Their goal: steal the millions in new Iraqi currency being carried to banks by American soldiers as part of a major currency exchange. [Mission Details]

Mission 4 - Samarra Bank Heist, Part 2

In what was a pre-cursor to the heightened tensions currently in the region, the Saddam Fedayeen launch a sophisticated daytime attack in the middle of this ‘Sunni Triangle’ city. Their goal: steal new Iraqi currency being carried to banks by American soldiers as part of a major currency exchange. This is the second part of a two-part mission series on this event. [Mission Details]

Mission 6 - Fallujah Police Station Raid

In a ferocious assault foretelling April's bloody insurrection, insurgents attack a Fallujah police station, killing 17 Iraqi police officers and releasing some 87 prisoners. After an hour-long RPG and heavy machine gun assault, insurgents storm the building and, moving from room to room, shoot every police officer they can find. [Mission Details]

Mission 7 - Iran Hostage Rescue Mission

You are a highly-trained Delta Force operator carrying out the Pentagon’s actual plan to rescue 53 Americans held hostage in Tehran. Storm the besieged American embassy, free the hostages from the radical "students", and make it out of Tehran - a city swarming with anti-American militants - any way you can.[Mission Details]

Mission 8 - Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 2

You and your fellow Delta Force operators have successfully freed 53 US hostages from the American embassy in Tehran. Now, you’ll fight through waves of anti-American militants to get the hostages - and yourself - safely across the street to the Amjadieh soccer stadium where rescue helos are waiting.[Mission Details]

Mission 9 - Fallujah Abizaid Attack

General John P. Abizaid, commander of all US Forces in the Middle East, is visiting an Iraqi Civil Defense Post in Fallujah when his convoy is ambushed. Insurgents attack from adjacent rooftops and a nearby mosque, using RPGs and small arms fire. Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne and the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps take the offensive and go out into the streets to combat the General’s assailants.[Mission Details]

Mission 10 - Samarra Stryker Brigade

Saddam Hussein is captured in a hole in the ground at a farmhouse just miles from his hometown of Tikrit. You are part of the Stryker Brigade patrolling the streets of Samarra - a city known for its swarms of insurgents loyal to the former dictator. You receive the news and know the fight is far from over. The next day, insurgents launch a full-scale attack, using innocents as human shields. You will fight back with the precision of your snipers and the strength of your Stryker.[Mission Details]

Mission 11 - Patrol Ambush

Kuma\War Tactical Exercise #1 - Sergeant Snyder's "Patrol Ambush" shows a typical scenario being faced by all infantry units conducting patrols throughout Iraq. Your small team checks out a building based on a tip from a local informant. But when you get there, you find out the tip is really a trap. Only solid tactics will get you - and your squad - out safely.[Mission Details]

Mission 12 - Desert Town

Kuma\War Tactical Exercise #2 - "Desert Town" models a typical Iraqi village. Its proximity to the Euphrates River - the country's lifeblood - means it is blessed with ample water. This mission map is designed specifically for RedonBlue matches, with the terrain creating an environment perfect for polishing your tactical maneuvering. [Mission Details]

Mission 13 - Coastline

Kuma\War Tactical Exercise #3 - Coastline models a seashore area. The lush vegetation creates visibility challenges and obscures lines of fire. "Coastline"is designed exclusively for RedonBlue matches. Be sure to check out the mission Intel for Sergeant Snyder's tips and tricks on how to tactically navigate the coastline terrain successfully. [Mission Details]

Mission 14 - Fallujah Vigilant Resolve

As part of the First Marine Expeditionary Force, you and your troops move into the flashpoint city of Fallujah, Iraq and tactically maneuver a "cordon of death" operation. Encircle the insurgents and advance strategically, using improved fighting positions, sniper overwatch protection, wall apertures, and well-placed fighting holes. [Mission Details]

Mission 15 - Mosul - The al Qaeda Connection

In the days following Saddam Hussein’s capture, you are a soldier from the 101st Airborne on a cordon and knock operation in Mosul, Iraq. Looking to flush out enemies you assume are incensed Iraqis loyal to the former dictator, you soon find it’s also foreign fighters who are swarming the war-torn nation and intentionally perpetuating chaos. One vicious terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda - Ansar al-Islam - is hiding out in Mosul. Here is where you’ll encounter them ready for combat. [Mission Details]

Mission 16 - Battle in Sadr City

Soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division fight Mahdi Army militiamen – loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr - in the tight, dirty streets of Baghdad’s Sadr City. It is May 23rd, in the Baghdad slum known as Sadr City. The temperature ranges to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Over a 24 hour period, US soldiers encounter and engage several small groups of anti-coalition fighters resulting in 20-30 enemy killed with no Coalition casualties. [Mission Details]

Special Mission - Freedom's Heroes: The Road to Baghdad

Play through the heroic actions of Capt. Brian R. Chontosh, Cpl. Armand McCormick, and Cpl. Thomas Franklin - three Marines whose platoon gets caught in the kill zone on the road to Ad Diwaniyah in the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom. These brave men steer towards their attackers and dismount into a trench swarming with enemy fighters. Capt. Chontosh and Cpl. McCormick fight tirelessly, replacing depleted ammo with salvaged enemy weapons and an RPG. Can you recreate the bravery that earned them a Navy Cross and a Silver Star, respectively? [Mission Details]

Mission 17 - Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault

You are a member of the Army’s First Cavalry Division in Sadr City, Baghdad, and your most stubborn enemy is the swarm of Mahdi Army militiamen loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Having seen more than 80 straight days of combat, you set out on June 29th to patrol the slum with your Bradley Fighting Vehicles. You must navigate the waves of Mahdi Army insurgents who are targeting you with IEDs, trying to incapacitate your transport and lure your men out into the open. [Mission Details]

Mission 18 - al Qaeda: The Battle for Mosul

Called in by the beleaguered Iraqi National Guard, you have to lead a team of Stryker Brigade soldiers through a hornet's nest of gunfire to take back a police station. Can you crack open the al Qaeda-linked terrorists' position and send them running? [Mission Details]

Mission 19 - World SWAT Challenge

As a lone SWAT officer, you have come to Blackwater's world famous facility to compete in speed shooting, grenade throwing, and clearing a criminal hideout against yourself, against a clock, and against some of the best tactical fighters in the world. Do you have what it takes? [Mission Details]

Mission 20 - Freedom's Heroes: Rangers Lead the Way

On the hunt with your 75th Ranger Regiment as part of Operation Mountain Storm, you come under attack by Taliban and al Qaeda fighters. You must repel the ambush and then take the fight to the enemy on higher ground. Can you succeed as severe terrain and restrictive light conditions hinder your effort? [Mission Details]

Mission 21 - Korea: The Enemy Within

First seen months ago in Kuma\War's Beta release, Korea is now back. Visit South Korea as it is invaded by Northern Spies in 1996. Army Paratroopers and other elite fighting units stage a massive dragnet in the Mountains on the North-East coast to apprehend the Communist infiltrators. [Mission Details]

Mission 22 - Dai Chopan

You are part of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit operating in the Zabul province in the southern mountain region of Afghanistan. As you and your forces approach a suspected ambush site in Dai Chopan, you encounter just that - an ambush of more than 100 Taliban fighters. As waves of enemies descend from the mountains, you must repel the assault and protect your troops from the ruthless Taliban attack [Mission Details]

Mission 23 - Timed Weapons Exercise

See how quickly you can complete this challenging timed weapons course using your pistol, machine gun, sniper rifle, grenades, rocket launcher, and tank. Who will top the leader board this time? [Mission Details]

Mission 24 - John Kerry's Silver Star

In this playable recreation of the 1969 Vietnam War mission that won John Kerry his Silver Star, you must power through the dense web of rivers in the Mekong Delta, preparing for a deadly Vietcong ambush. These fighters have been at war for decades, and they are determined to defeat the Americans as they have defeated the French before them. Will you be able to hold your own against this enemy? [Mission Details]

Mission 25 - Najaf: al Mahdi Cemetery Battle

IUS troops battle al Mahdi militiamen loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al Sadr in the southern city of Najaf – maneuvering through one of the world’s largest cemeteries and taking care to avoid one of Shiia Islam’s holiest mosques. [Mission Details]

Mission 26 - Osama 1998

Breaching the walled compound of Osama Bin Laden's headquarters in the dead of night, you lead a raiding party of CIA-backed guerillas on a near-suicidal mission to capture the terrorist kingpin and spirit him away before his hundreds of al Qaeda guards realize what you're doing and stop you with a hail of bullets. Can you get in, make the capture, and get out in one piece? [Mission Details]

Mission 27 - Timed Tactical Exercise

This time, the targets shoot back.
We know you can speed through a course of spinning plates (and the occasional random enemy). How will you do against an entire course of nothing but enemies? Only your time will tell. [Mission Details]

Mission 28 - Ramadi Convoy Exercise

Improvised explosive devices are claiming more coalition lives than any other weapon in Iraq right now. Kuma\War modeled this training mission on the Ramadi-Fallujah Highway for CASCOM - the US Army Combined Arms Support Command. Play the same immersive exercise designed to help US troops counter IED attacks, especially those insurgents are launching almost daily against supply convoys traveling back and forth on the nation's dangerous highways. [Mission Details]

Mission 29 - Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn)

Over the past six months, Fallujah has reemerged a hotbed of insurgent activity and a safe haven for al Qaeda-linked militants like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. You are now part of the assault to drive out the terrorists once and for all. Lead you squad of Marines against insurgents in the Jolan district of Fallujah and help take back the city one piece at a time. [Mission Details]

Mission 30 - VARIATIONS of Ramadi Convoy Exercise

This mission downloads a set of variations of Mission 28. These variations will be hosted on a dedicated server in random order. Players will run the basic convoy operation but each time, the scenario will be slightly different. Stay on your toes. [Mission Details]

Mission 31 - Osama 2001

Reenact the battle at Tora Bora as it could have gone down had US Special Forces on the ground surrounded Osama Bin Laden and his al Qaeda fighters in the cave complexes of eastern Afghanistan in December 2001. [Mission Details]

Mission 32 - Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 2

This mission was created in association with several organizations currently assisting the USMC in its Iraqi Operations. Kuma used a provided schematic to lay out the mission which includes typical scenarios faced by the Marines -- in this case the 3/1 -- as they cleared the streets of Jolan. Check the Satellite Imagery page to see the details. [Mission Details]

Mission 33 - VARIATIONS of Fallujah Vigilant Resolve

This mission downloads a set of 7 variations of Mission 14. These variations will be hosted on a dedicated server in random order. The variations focus on different enemy disposition, increased use of IEDS and several have small but significant terrain changes. [Mission Details]

Mission 34 - Iraqi Patrol

Iraqi Patrol is a custom multiplayer map designed specifically for 2-4 Team RedonBlue. It also contains a regular mission enabling Single Player, Mission and Coop modes. [Mission Details]

Mission 35 - Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 3

This is another installment of work in association with several organizations currently assisting the USMC in its Iraqi Operations. This mission features a drive through Fallujah in a continuation from al-Fajr, Part 2. The good news is that you have a vehicle with a mounted weapon. The bad news is that the roadway which was supposed to have been secured is still enemy territory.[Mission Details]

Mission 36 - Variations of Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn)

This mission includes variations for Mission 29. You are part of the assault to drive out the terrorists once and for all. Lead your squad of Marines against insurgents in the Jolan district of Fallujah and help take back the city one piece at a time. The variations focus on new areas opened up in the train station and the train yard. We have also opened the 'no man's land' between the station and the town to more accurately reflect the actual terrain.[Mission Details]

Mission 37 - Iraqi Police

In one of the most perilous professions in the country, Iraqi police are a deadly target for Insurgents. These civil soldiers risk their lives every day for the sanctity of their country, their people and democracy. With fearless patrols, bold arrests and a raw intensity, the police effort made today influences the very future of the country. [Mission Details]

Mission 38 - Operation Barras

The fate of six soldiers abducted in West Africa lies in a perilous rescue attempt by British troops. Barely visible in the faint morning light, the rebels are slumbering in their hammocks when the SAS unleash a rude awakening: a sudden barrage of fire from M16 rifles and machine guns. An astounding rescue begins. [Mission Details]

Mission 39 - Bad Neighborhood

Bad Neighborhood is a custom multiplayer map designed specifically for 2 Team RedonBlue. the map features tight corridors and corners through city streets requiring complex Team tactics. Kuma players will use what they learned in Sadr City and Fallujah to succeed in this tough MOUT environment.[Mission Details]

Mission 40 - VARIATIONS of Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 2

This mission was created in association with several organizations currently assisting the USMC in its Iraqi Operations. Kuma used a provided schematic to lay out the mission which includes typical scenarios faced by the Marines -- in this case the 3/1 -- as they cleared the streets of Jolan. Check the Satellite Imagery page to see the details.[Mission Details]

Mission 41 - Stories from the Front - Baghdad Convoy

On the morning of Easter Sunday, a 28-troop patrol led by Sergeant Major James Ross leaves Camp Black Jack. The convoy departs what was once Saddam International Airport, heading for Main Supply Route Tampa, one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the world.[Mission Details]

Mission 42 - Afghan Highlands

Afghan Highlands is a map designed specifically for 2 Team RedonBlue mulitplayer mode. The map features a small village no-man's land bracketed by two defensible team spawn areas.[Mission Details]

Mission 43 - Abu Ghraib Prison

Marines are tasked with overseeing the security of Abu Ghraib prison, home to some of Iraq's deadliest fighters. It's been a year since the infamous prison gained worldwide attention for a military abuse scandal involving US troops against its detainees, and today, Abu Ghraib will make headlines once more.[Mission Details]

Mission 44 - Kentucky National Guard

Women find themselves on the new front line in the War on Terror. More and more, non-combat, mixed-gender troops like the National Guard find themselves in the trenches of Iraq, where units beat back the insurgents using skill, troop solidarity and extraordinary instincts.[Mission Details]

Mission 45 - Afghan Air Strikes

Showcasing our newest feature, Afghan Air Strikes lets you call in the coordinates for air strike support. On your command, US tank buster jets scramble to respond and eliminate enemy threats while you witness the devastating results from a safe distance.[Mission Details]

Mission 46 - Abu Ghraib MP

This custom multiplayer map features the Abu Ghraib Prison complex, an enormous sprawl of traditional jail cells and isolated tents that house some of the world's most wanted fugitives.[Mission Details]

Mission 47 - Operation Matador

Operation Matador's initial target was the north bank of the Euphrates near the Syrian border. Intense mortar fire requires tactical rethinking -- enemy attacks must be neutralized before crossing the river.[Mission Details]

Mission 48 - Convoy Escort Ramadi

You and your squad are responsible for the safe passage of a tanker convoy to supply helicopter fuel for Medevac operations. Insurgents have dug in throughout the area and are armed with Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers (RPG's), stationary Improvised Explosive Devices and trucks rigged with IED's to take out your convoy and your squad. Neutralize the insurgent forces and escort the convoy to its destination safely, using your repair vehicle to keep your tankers in working order.[Mission Details]

Mission 49 - Desert Rat Tank Battle

14 Iraqi Russian-built T55s move south out of Basra towards the al Faw peninsula. Meanwhile, a comparable sized platoon of Challenger 2 tanks belonging to Royal Scots Dragoon C squadron guards is heading north toward the city. The two troops meet.[Mission Details]

Mission 50 - Operation New Market

Operation New Market is the US military's follow-up to Operation Matador. With an equal number of US-led troops involved, Operation New Market is designed as cordon-and-search operation, where the city is surrounded and methodically raided for enemy fighters, weapons and support structures.[Mission Details]

Mission 51 - Stronghold Siege Simulation

This RoB multiplayer mission introduces a new item created for the Army, Combat Life Support, which can revive downed team members. Teams can play both sides of this base capture simulation that pits defenders inside the Fallujah police station against surrounding attackers.[Mission Details]

Mission 52 - Escape from Asadabad

As the lone survivor of a group of Navy SEALs, you've been trained to survive in the wilderness, but it takes tremendous tenacity to evade the Taliban forces that have murdered your team mates. A long, unforgiving course will lead you to the safety of a friendly village, where you can be rescued by US forces.[Mission Details]

Mission 53 - Operation Spear

Insurgents gather in Karabilah. near the Syrian border to get weapons and orders from al Qaeda. Operation Spear is the Marines' initiative to neutralize this terrorist hotspot.[Mission Details]

Mission 54 - Iraqi Troops Training Exercise

Training Iraqi troops is a key goal of the US military. This multiplayer map is an example of a war games site the Army could use to train Iraqi forces to defend against insurgents' efforts to hobble the emerging government. [Mission Details]

Mission 55 - Baghdad Checkpoint Attack

In western Baghdad, Iraqi Police manning a routine checkpoint are cornered after insurgents in ordinary vehicles approach the roadblock and launch a barrage of machine gun fire, rocket propelled grenades and hand grenades. [Mission Details]

Mission 56: Operation Whalers

The US returns to one of the deadliest regions of Afghanistan to tax revenge for a brutal ambush by the Taliban. A succession of violent battles begins and, for 11 days and nights, soldiers bear witness to some of the fiercest resistance in Afghanistan to date. [Mission Details]

Mission 57: IED Sweep

Improvised explosive devices are often used as a primary engagement against US forces, an initial blow that's followed by a swift and cunning ambush by insurgents. This operation is two-fold: First, move with caution to safely identify the IEDs ahead of your patrol. Then, should you survive, be prepared to face the enemy lying in wait. [Mission Details]

Mission 58: Assault on Iran

Kuma\War's playable mission offers you the most plausible scenario to delaying or destroying Iran's nuclear arms capabilities. As a Special Forces soldier, you infiltrate the facility at Natanz. But it won't be easy. You've got a man on the inside, a scientist you need to rescue or he'll surely be killed after the raid. Breech the perimeter and secure the evidence. Beat back the security forces and destroy the centrifuges. Never before has so much hung in the balance; never have we been so close to preventing world tragedy.[Mission Details]

Mission 59 - The Crime of Dujayl: Saddam's Revenge

Dujayl, Iraq: July 8, 1982:In the restive village of Dujayl, Iraq, the villagers are encouraged by Shiite preachers to rise against Saddam Hussein, the country's dictator and the man responsible for invading neighboring Shiite Iran. But these were simple villagers, not a militant force. What attack could they possibly wage against the most powerful, well defended man in Iraq? Something simple, yet effective: an ambush.[Mission Details]

Mission 60: Iraqi National Army vs. Insurgents: Struggle in Tikrit

This custom red-on-blue multiplayer map gives you a firsthand feel for the long and narrow streets of Tikrit, a tight layout that leaves little in the way of defensive depth. In the playable mission, your team is comprised of either the tough-as-nails Iraqi Army, or a ruthless band of insurgents. [Mission Details]

Mission 61: Operation Steel Curtain

As a member of the coalition forces, you must infiltrate the violent town of Husayba. You're fighting right on the Syrian border, an insurgent floodgate that's been open since the beginning of the war.[Mission Details]

Mission 62: Operation Red Dawn

In recognition of the launch of Saddam Hussein's trial for Crimes Against Humanity, we present in this free game the opportunity to join the US Army's 4th Infantry Division on the final search for the 'Butcher of Baghdad' himself. [Mission Details]

Mission 63: Wolverine 1
(Multiplayer Only - Requires FREE Full Version to Play)

Kuma\War takes you back to where it all began, to Wolverine One-the initial target US forces raided on the night Saddam Hussein's fate was sealed. In this custom Red on Blue multiplayer map, up to four teams are blocked inside the target area, a small stretch of road riddled with multi-story buildings and some surprises for the savviest explorers to find. Wolverine One is Kuma's latest installment in our series of Saddam-inspired maps, released to coincide with one of the most important court trials in history.[Mission Details]

Mission 64: Opium Wars

Trapped alongside a ravine and surrounded by towering mountainsides, your team must battle its way out of the enemy's grip. The ambush is well-planned and Taliban fighters, backed by local opium dealers, are perched high atop the mountain peaks and entrenched in the crevices below. You must move toward the village quickly but stealthily to get out of the kill zone. [Mission Details]

Mission 65: Blood and Oil

In this playable mission, you command the heavy, hazardous convoy into Baghdad, and experience first-hand the difficulty of leading your men into an instant counterstrike against dozens of insurgents. If the rebels succeed in overtaking the convoy, your men will die. The refinery will close. The nation will suffer another devastating setback, and the insurgency holds, if only for a moment, the country of Iraq as its hostage.[Mission Details]

Mission 66: Blood and Oil, part II

Take command of a team of security force tasked with securing an oil field leading to the Baiji refinery. When the enemy launches a furious attack with AK-47 fire and deadly explosives, can you defend your men from the perimeter of the volatile pipelines? There is little protection from the insurgents once they launch their campaign against your troops. If you don't take immediate control, the oil field will quickly become swarmed with enemy fighters, your men will be overrun, and the mission to protect the nation's most precious resource will fail. [Mission Details]

Mission 67: Kuma\War Biathlon Obstacle Course

In the Kuma Biathlon, it's up to you to provide the same strength, speed, and endurance that drive biathletes to victory. Though our course better resembles a summer biathlon, where you run instead of ski, you're task is the same: Quickly and accurately traverse across varied terrain in a test of marksmanship, maze navigation and target-seeking abilities. [Mission Details]

Mission 68: MP Tank Battle

In this playable mission, we've leveled the playing field by presenting a tank-on-tank, red-on-blue battle. How well you command your tank will very well determine the outcome of the fight. Keep a safe distance between you and your enemy, and watch the rear of your vehicle to prevent a debilitating sneak attack. The terrain is uneven and the landscape is wide-open, so you'll need to keep visual contact of the other team at all times.
[Mission Details]

Mission 69: Port Security

In a simulation of what some experts fear could come to fruition, your team discovers terrorist stowaways-a daring plot that begins with the ultimate element of surprise. The port attack is well-planned and executed by the terrorists, and if you fail to contain the enemy, the port-and the city-will soon be overrun by al Qaeda operatives.
[Mission Details]

Mission 70: Port Security, Part II (Cargo Ship)

You've cleared the ports of al Qaeda in part I, now face off on the cargo ship against your fellow multiplayers. This custom Red on Blue battle is set against a backdrop of water on all sides. The map can accommodate 2 to 4 teams, but you may find the excellent coverage and sniping positions make this one of our most exciting free-for-all games.
[Mission Details]

Mission 71: Base Assault

In this custom multiplayer map designed for two-team Red on Blue action, Kuma teams square off in one of our most comprehensive ROB designs to date. Your team is in control of a spawn area that includes drivable vehicles and high control towers. The object is to navigate the landscape to overtake and destroy the enemy's base, diagonal to yours.
[Mission Details]

Mission 72: Urban Hostage Rescue

According to US government figures, 430 foreigners have been taken hostage in Iraq since the start of the war. Today, at least 40 foreigners from 12 different countries are believed to be held against their will in Iraq, including 10 Americans. The demands are sometimes for ransom, but most often for political purposes: demands include the release of Iraqi detainees or the withdrawal of US Coalition troops from Iraq. But America does not negotiate with terrorists. And we don't meet the demands of kidnappers, either. Most times, the whereabouts and very fate of those abducted is completely unknown for months on end.
[Mission Details]

Mission 73: Mexican Border Battle

Completing this mission takes a combination of convoy expertise and urban combat experience. You begin behind the wheel, where you're navigating the streets of Mexicali, Mexico followed by a second vehicle of team mates. Then, a deadly ambush takes place.
[Mission Details]

Mission 74: The British Empire Strikes Back: Canadian Counterstrike

In Kuma\War's recreation of the events of March 29, it isn't long after your arrival at the Coalition base that your troops come under attack. The Taliban has infiltrated the region and it's up to you to organize a swift counter-measure against the incoming enemy. Should you fail, the base will be overrun and your men will die where they stand.
[Mission Details]

Mission 75: The Death of al-Zarqawi

You enter this mission as a Delta Force operator tasked with pinpointing the location of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. Hot on the trail of the most wanted man in Iraq, you’ve got two choices: call in an air strike to completely incapacitate the enemy or move your ground troops in to take the terrorist down personally.
[Mission Details]

Mission 76: Payback in Iraq

This is a red-on-blue battlefield where you enter the game as part of a team. Your objective is to make your way safely through the streets to the other squad’s spawn point at the opposite end where, hopefully, you can pin the other team down.
[Mission Details]

Mission 77: Death Penalty MP

Kuma\War leads you to into a fierce red-on-blue battle inside the abandoned prison walls for a multi-story death match held behind bars. Use machine guns and explosives carefully inside the dark and dank prison-otherwise you'll be the first team sentenced to death row.
[Mission Details]

Mission 78: Sadr City MP

This unique layout of Sadr City presents a distinctively dangerous multiplayer map. Kuma's favorite MP map.
[Mission Details]

Mission 79: Sadr City SP

Join the fight in Sadr City in Kuma\War's latest episode. As a US soldier tasked with locating and executing members of the vicious Mahdi Army, you'll experience in first-person the unique layout of Sadr City and engage in punishing urban combat. Can you survive in one of Iraq's most infamous cities, against an enemy so notorious for its ruthlessness?
[Mission Details]

Mission 80: Afgan MP

20,000 Americans today are entrenched in daily battles against the Taliban in Afghanistan. After five years of war, the Taliban continues to reinvent itself as a unified fighting force. Now it’s your turn to battle the enemy in a red-on-blue battle for control of the Afghan region!
[Mission Details]

Mission 81: Baghdad Surge

In Baghdad Surge you’ll encounter ruthless enemies inside a region so perilous US soldiers call it ’Purple Heart Boulevard.’ Lead your forces through Haifa Street, take out the enemy, and secure the perilous neighborhood. Kuma’s intense re-creation of the Baghdad Surge depicts what may be America’s last chance to secure Baghdad and save Iraq’s fragile democracy.
[Mission Details]

Mission 82: Baghdad Surge MP

Kumas intense re-creation of Haifa Street expands into the multiplayer world. Join the game that pits you against a surge of real-world enemies in fast-paced MP action along the streets of Baghdad.
[Mission Details]

Mission 83: Baghdad Surge CO-OP

Kumas intense re-creation of Haifa Street expands into the multiplayer world. Join the game that pits you against a surge of real-world enemies in fast-paced MP action along the streets of Baghdad.
[Mission Details]

Mission 107: The Death of Osama Bid Laden

End the decade long reign of terror and take down Osama bin Laden in KUMA Games' new free game, KUMA\WAR: Episode 107: The Death of Osama bin Laden. The last game episode in the KUMA War series let's you recreate the mission that took down the world's most wanted terrorist, Geronimo. Play as the fearless Navy Seals team in an attack\defend team style mission. Download the free, full version of The Death of Osama bin Laden now! or
[Mission Details]

Mission 108: Fall of Sirte: Gaddafi’s Last Stand

Relive Muammar Gaddafi’s final take-down and the Libyan rebels’ triumph with this brand new multiplayer mission! Above the streets of Sirte, a Predator drone and jets help force Gaddafi to flee the burning city and into the hands of the Libyan rebels. When the smoke clears, the former leader lays dead.
[Mission Details]

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